Air Freight

Airfreight has grown over the past 20 years since the inception of SK Global Logistics Sdn Bhd to become a very important transport option in our range of services. Using a range of major airlines, offering both direct and more economic transshipment services ensures that we are able to match exactly the needs of our clients in price, frequency, and speed of arrival.
Consolidated services by SK Global Logistics Sdn Bhd in the air freight sector operate with frequent and regular departures for all major markets in the Far East, North & South America, and African destinations linking to the major European airports.

Land Shipping

Road transport services operated by SK Global Logistics Sdn Bhd offer a wide range of differing vehicles to meet the full range of different cargo transported on behalf of our customers. Full Trailer Loads, (FTL) Part Trailer Loads (LTL) and Group age services are operated on a daily basis. In many markets we operate multi-drop vehicles offering our customers services a very fast collection and delivery service as part of a seamless door to door transport chain.
Thanks to our considerable knowledge & “know-how” we can match the exact vehicle in relation to your demands, at the best cost. Within road transport, Embassy Freight has been particularly successful thanks to the Direct Delivery Service System. By avoiding goods kept waiting in storage, Direct Delivery Service offers a rapid, secure and overall more competitive type of transport as compared to traditional transport means.

Sea Freight

Transport of goods by sea satisfies the demands of security, ease and precision. The relation between speed, volume, and price means this is the obvious transport of choice in many cases. In order to safeguard and guarantee our clients interests, collections handling, storage and loading of freight is all handled directly by SK Global Logistics Sdn Bhd personnel with their own means and their own warehouses. SK Global Logistics Sdn Bhd also handles "job site" visits and consignments for industrial plant projects.


SK Global Logistics Sdn Bhd offers packaged services covering storage, loading & unloading, tally, devanning & less-than-container loading to customers who are in the fields of imp. & exp., entrepot trade and processing trade. The services offered by SK Global Logistics Sdn Bhd can meet the customers’ demand in domestic distribution, international purchase, entrepot trade, and trade. With the modern logistics management information system, SK Global Logistics Sdn Bhd provides real time services.


Sk Global also provides top notch packing service before sending your product to its designated location. From wood boxes for air and sea freight to slat crating for domestic distribution, our packing team chooses the most suitable packaging method to suit your business’s needs. We even provide on-site packing where pre built woods or boxes are delivered to your desired destination for packaging. Our services includes:-

• Wood/Box Packing
• On Site Packing
• Express Packing
• Product Preservation


Logistics is the art of developing bespoke transport and cargo handling combinations that meet exactly our client’s requirements. Not only moving the physical goods but the all important information surrounding the valuable inventory is what is required in today's fast moving markets.

With our comprehensive global network, SK Global Logistics Sdn Bhd is at the forefront of providing today's demanding logistics products. Well placed to provide fully integrated and controlled logistics services, through all transport sectors and in every region.

A range of some of the logistics services are shown below. However we would like to confirm that we can design any range of services to meet exactly what you require.
  Warehousing with full pick & pack, order reporting, labelling & order fulfilment.
  Nationwide and global distribution, around the clock, 365 days a year.
  Full order track & tracing facilities
  Orders follow up with reporting systems & liaising with overseas suppliers or customers on your behalf.
  Order assembly or sub assembly, consolidation and despatch to your requirements.
  Customs, quota and international documentation procedural advice and fulfilment.
  Ship & Aircraft Chartering
  All risks insurance cover

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